The Muscle And The Mind Must Become One.
One Without The Other Is Zero

(Lee Haneyright)


    Health Care
    May 19, 2020

    With more children showing severe COVID-19 symptoms, pediatricians outline critical steps

    Increasing reports of severe COVID-19 illness in children — coupled with the fact that little is known about how and…
    Health Care
    May 21, 2020

    OptumHealth acquires post-acute care management platform naviHealth

    OptumHealth, the healthcare services and delivery business of UnitedHealth Group’s Optum, has acquired naviHealth, a post-acute care management platform for…
    May 19, 2020

    5 Hard Kombuchas That Are a Better-for-You Alternative to Alcohol

    At grocery stores, you can’t swing a tote bag without smacking a bottle of kombucha, the tart and fizzy tea…
    Health Care
    May 26, 2020

    Digital Health | Agfa HealthCare supports UK’s remote medicine revolution

    Agfa HealthCare supports UK’s remote medicine revolution The Yorkshire Imaging Collaborative on BBC News! So proud to be part of…
    May 20, 2020

    How Donnie Yen Became One of the Greatest Martial Artists of All Time

    Actor and martial artist Donnie Yen spent his youth in Boston, splitting his time between sessions at his mother’s martial…
    May 21, 2020

    10 Home Goods That Make ‘Sheltering-in-Place’ More Pleasant

    As we continue to help slow the spread of COVID-19, it’s important to manage mental health and well-being while hunkered…

    Fitness & Nutrition

      June 2, 2020

      June 2020 Wellness Horoscopes for Feel-Good Vibes | HUM Nutrition Blog

      March 23, 2020

      Bone Appetite

      March 9, 2020

      Crispy Crunchy Tofu Nuggets Made in the Air Fryer

      May 15, 2020

      Kayaker Gets Run Over by a Motorboat, Then Catches the Fish of His Life

      May 1, 2020

      Bringing Out Your Passions During this Pandemic with Lisa Sasevich – Natalie Jill Fitness

      May 18, 2020

      The Best New Fly-fishing Gear for All Conditions and Species

      May 7, 2020

      Sleep Disorders: 6 Tips to Fight Insomnia

      May 15, 2020

      The 10 Best Ski Area Mascots, Ranked

      May 20, 2020

      Why Diets Don’t Work and How to Shift Your Focus to Longer-Term Solutions | Nutrition Stripped

      May 17, 2020

      5 Tips to Help You Better Serve Your Clients


        3 days ago

        Patients should have a role in deciding the value of medicines

        Policymakers increasingly consult value assessment models to help price new medical interventions. Value models use prespecified approaches and selected health…
        4 days ago

        Covid-19: England must aim for “zero tolerance” to avoid 27 000 predicted deaths, experts say

        The UK government should take a “zero tolerance” approach to covid-19 to prevent thousands more deaths, a group of experts…
        5 days ago

        Revolutionizing IV Access With TournIQ: Interview With Jonathan Ilicki, Co-Founder of Ortrud Medical

        IV access is one of the most common clinical procedures in healthcare, with over 300 million hospitalized patients in the…
        6 days ago

        Fighting E. coli with E. coli

        Escherichia coli. Credit: Rocky Mountain Laboratories, NIAID, NIH According to findings published this week in mBio, Nissle, a strain of…
        1 week ago

        2D-barcoded NMR tube scanner

        Jul 6 2020 The Express Scanner from Ziath is an elegant and rapid solution for ensuring the traceability of samples…



          2 days ago

          7 Day Healthy Meal Plan (July 13-19)

          posted July 11, 2020 by Gina A free 7-day, flexible weight loss meal plan including breakfast, lunch and dinner and…
          4 days ago

          Cilantro Pistachio Pesto (dairy free!) | Ambitious Kitchen

          Does anyone remember my very famous street corn pasta salad? Well that’s exactly where this incredible cilantro pesto is adapted…
          5 days ago

          Dairy Free Keto Ranch Dressing

          This post and photos may contain Amazon or other affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.…
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